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Friday, May 6, 2011

SteamPunk Thor

Dr. Reginold Blake, Professor of Norse Mythology for the London Institute of Science and History was also an inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. Dr. Blake was an eccentric man and his infatuation with the Norse gods, espcially that of Thor the god of thunder and lightening led him to create an 'aparatus' which gave him the power of the gods... He became Thor...

Scroll Down...way down, to see the video of the light effect!!!

Thor's Hammer head can be removed from its handle and attached to Thor's Mech arm.

It's all in the details:

The Hammer:

Video of the Lights in Action:


  1. Really great work on this figure. Love the details. The sculpting is great and the light effects are over the top.

  2. If only we could get toys like this on a mass scale :) Love your work, you're truly an inspiration!