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Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Articulated Darth Malgus and other SITH Lords

Here is a pic of the original figure(courtesy Rebelscum.com):
Please take a moment and compare my modified/repainted Malgus to Hasbro's.  The figure was a great try, and with some added work, I turned him into something much, much better!  Hasbro did a great job bringing this character into toy form, it just needed to be tweaked a bit to bring out its potential. 

Darth Bane:

 Darth Bane was based off this art and statue.  I dont know what comic it might be from, just a very cool looking version of this Sith Lord.

Concept Cyborg Darth Maul:

Super Articulated Darth Nihilus:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Barnyard Commandos Bacon Bomber & Pork Chopper

PackRatStudios is looking for Both of these vehicles to complete its collection of BarnYard Commandos.  Please contact us if you have them! Thanks!!!

Just found this today....and Im blown away.
Un-produced Port of War Play Set for Barnyard Commandos: