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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SteamPunk Iron Man - WIP Update

Here is a slight update on the 2up SteamPunk Iron man I am doing.  He is coming along great, slower than expected, but still I am very pleased with this guy so far!
 One setback I have rand into were the arms, I had to shorten them by about 2 inches...they were way too long.  The fists almost touched the ground, and made him look too much like an ape.  HA!  So, I cut out about 2 inches in the bicep area, and it looks much much better.  Tonight and this weekend I plan on finishing up the upper legs and hopefully getting a good start on the bottom legs.  Once the bottom legs are good,  I will then be sculpting and building his massive feet!

One part of this project that has taken more time than expected is adding texture to the styrene I am using to build the arms, hands and legs.  Instead of having a nice flat surface, I am giving the plastic a texture that will resemble hammered steel and hammered copper.  It looks real cool, and I will be taking some in process pics of that and some better close up pics of the texture as well.  I got him som shoulder pads as well.  

Here he is holding a ruler...right now, without his head and without his smoke stacks he stands at 20 inches tall, in the end, he will be about 22-24 inches tall. 

Another setback, the other night I was working with my glue gun, that as of late, has been leaking molten glue out the trigger...I payed it no attention because it didnt effect its function.  The other night I blew a fuse in the shop and smelled something burning.  Found out, through smell it was my glue gun!  it was sooo blackedned on the inside and on the outside:  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3A Toys Ambush - REAL STEEL

I dont normally post about figure news here, but this is simply an amazing piece, I cannot NOT post this:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Older Customs:

Going through my hard drive I found some figures I did a while back.  I must not have been blogging my stuff as much back then, because I cannot find most of these in my history.. So, I thought I would throw up some pics, scroll through and check em out.

 Predator Inspired Mandolorian

 Female Bounty Hunters

Crazy Ass Assassin Droid 

 R2 War Bot  - In the style of Ashlie Wood's World War Robot

 Ancient Sith

Sith Necromancer / Warlock

 Republic Commando Heavy Gunner

 Heavy Gunner Destroyer Droid

 SteamPunk Darth Vader

 My first version of a WW2 Boba Fett

 Night Jump Trooper

 Flame Galactic Marine

And the Best for last, These days everybody thinks Zombies are cool.  Taking your favorite character and turning em into a zombie!  I was cutting edge back int the day, taking Gi Joes and making em FAT!   Here is my Too much joe Joe, or Let Himself Go Joe, yeah I think I will go with the later...   He came with a fat tummy, coffee pot, coffee cup, box of donuts and a donut!