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Thursday, May 3, 2012

making progress (steampunk iron man)

Another Update for my 22 - 24 Inches tall SteamPunk Iron Man 
(dont know final height yet...I have yet to make his smoke stacks ;)) 

Lengthy update this week, because I am making some good progress on this SteamPunk Iron Man.  Project is taking longer than expected, but is alright because 1: I want it to be perfect and 2: I have a patient client! 

First things first, getting ready to add some details.  I am making casts of these awesome gears from some transformer figure, they are going to add some kick ass details to the various joints on the figure.  So far, I am added them to the elbow joints, knee joints, and ankle joints. 

 Next, in the realm of adding more details:  Last week's post showed how I tore down some construction vehicles for some "piston fodder."  This Iron Man is powered by Steam powered hyrdolics, dont really know if that was a viable tech in the beginning of the 1900's but, it will look amazing on the fig ;)  Also, below you will see an image of what the legs and feet looked like last week.  Foam balls for his toes and what have you....

That then brings us to today.  Fett are pretty much complete, aside from texture and detailing...

But what is really making this version of Iron Man's Feet awesome are the pistons on his heals! And they dont hinder the movement of the ankle!  Im so stoked with how these pistons came out on the ankle. 

At this point, here is a full shot (minus shoulder pads & head)  The finished legs add some real HEFT to this figures weight, but also will make him UBER Steady, I have him standing like this in my Studio, and I am not worried one bit he will fall over.  Super Sturdy, those massive heavy feet help!  I cannot wait to finish this guy, and get him on a scale.  lol!  Oh yeah, and another thing, I added to his waist.  He now has his perforated waste ring with Holes.  And I added some details to his COD piece.
Next, I have been working on his light effect.  My first SteamPunk Iron man had one tea light LED in his chest.  This one is going to have around 8!  lol!!!  Here is a pic of a dozen of tea lights I massacred:

I have also found what I will be using on Iron Man's back as his power source... (should have turned it over to show the details)... but, its a Star Wars Episode 1 lazer tag gun!   I am utilizing the battery box and switch.  It will power the LED's that will be throughout the figure.   Here is is a pic of half the gun with my re-wire job.  I have 6 LEDs wired up to it now to test it.  And its awesome.  Video coming soon!

Now on to something that has been driving me nuts, His HEAD.  I already had one Work in Process of a head, and I didnt like it... so, I scrapped it!  And I came up with this:
This head has obviously just begun...lots more work to do on it.  Its too long, so needs to be trimmed and tons of details / layers will be added to it.  Just needed a base to work from and this clear plastic dome worked perfectly.  I loved the shape of it, at least the front.  I used a wire pencil cup for the eye socket mesh!  Kind of took it from ATOM from REEL STEEL.  He has that mesh/screen door type face.  I am going to see if I can get some lights in this head...no promises, but I WANT THEM TO GLOW RED!!!!!!

scrapped head, next to the soon to be winner!  Oh and there is the gutted pencil cup!

bad pic of head on bod for scale. 

ta da!  As I said, he is coming along, and is starting to really fill out!  Proud of what I have here so far...  In the end hopefully I will be able to let him go!  lol, just joking. Now that I have the figure build mostly complete 85 percent, I am moving into full "texturizing" mode.   I have the right arm fully textured the chest for the most part.  The rest of the Bod will need textured as well.  I am adding a texture that will make the plastic look like hammered steel and copper.   Then I will be finishing the head and then his back/power unit and mounting the LEDs in his Chest cavity!  Then, we prep him for the paintjob of the century! 


  1. AND, I need to do his blasted Thumbs!

  2. This is intense! The engineering on him is incredible. Love the big grate on the chest.