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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


update:  Something I did a couple weeks ago was tear out the Waist joint of Iron Man.  I was using an elbow joint from a Unicron, and it was fine, but I was worried about how much stress the joint could take, so I went a looking for something else that would be stronger and work better, and I think I found just that.  This is the insides of a shower head, A massive BALL JOINT, and I am extremely pleased! 
Adds a little bit more height (half inch or so not to shabby):

This is Iron Man just about complete, before he moved to the priming stage:
 One last detail that will be added once painted, 1:6 scale Jerry Cans (just like my first version).  
I am casting them up:


Last night I started testing a copper dry-brush on parts of iron man.  This going to be the first layer of many.  It will be done in steps of brushing, washing, brushing and then I will have to mask off and work on the steel/Red areas.  I will be doing a salt masking technique on those areas, and will look awesome.  Then... comes the detailing, Gold, Oil/Grease stains, Washes, Rubs and over-sprays.  Then polished, and accessorized with an array of tubes, hoses and pneumatics!

 I am very happy with the hammered copper look that I am getting on this hand, extremely happy:

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