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Sunday, February 10, 2013

"DjeadPool" Western DeadPool Custom Marvel Legends Figure

 DjeadPool's Custom Storage and Display case was built from a vintage briefcase.  Briefcase is made from wood and has a leather handle.  I dont know the date, but it seems quite old. 

This Deadpool features Tons of accessories and 3 different headsculpts with add ons (hat and scarf) which gives him countless different looks. Accessories are as follows:

3 head sculpts: Bowen Masked, Bowen Unmasked and custom Mask/Hood version. (All 3 heads attach to neck peg magnetically, also the cowboy hat snaps ontop of all 3 heads via magnet as well, no worry of that thing falling off!)
Cowboy Hat (magnetic)

Western Arsenal:
(2) Six Shooter Pistols
(2) Katanas and Back Mounted Sheath (attaches via magnet)
(2) Tomahawks (the western version of the Sai)
(1) Rifle
(2) Canon Revolvers
(1) Set of Chains
(1) Measly ol’ Coffin… or is it… (Coffin is hand built from real wood, and features inside a mounted minigun on armature, lifts up out of the coffin and pivots/rotates on ball joint) Comes with two chains of ammo! Coffin is inspired by the Original 1966 Django film… if you have no idea what Im talking about, you need to just watch it…

Finally, DjeadPool also comes with a Diorama Stand, the front of a western Saloon and a Snake…just for the hell of it..and good measure! All of this Fits snuggly into the custom built case. This is definitely a one of a kind lot!