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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Older Customs:

Going through my hard drive I found some figures I did a while back.  I must not have been blogging my stuff as much back then, because I cannot find most of these in my history.. So, I thought I would throw up some pics, scroll through and check em out.

 Predator Inspired Mandolorian

 Female Bounty Hunters

Crazy Ass Assassin Droid 

 R2 War Bot  - In the style of Ashlie Wood's World War Robot

 Ancient Sith

Sith Necromancer / Warlock

 Republic Commando Heavy Gunner

 Heavy Gunner Destroyer Droid

 SteamPunk Darth Vader

 My first version of a WW2 Boba Fett

 Night Jump Trooper

 Flame Galactic Marine

And the Best for last, These days everybody thinks Zombies are cool.  Taking your favorite character and turning em into a zombie!  I was cutting edge back int the day, taking Gi Joes and making em FAT!   Here is my Too much joe Joe, or Let Himself Go Joe, yeah I think I will go with the later...   He came with a fat tummy, coffee pot, coffee cup, box of donuts and a donut! 

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