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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have been working on the Chest/Main body Section of Iron Man.  I started off sculpting (green areas) the body, gave it a hammered texture.  I then started to add detailing to the body using plastic and styrene.  I am also tediously adding texture to the styrene to give it more texture than a flat piece of plastic.  I am also doing the same to the hands I built.  It gives it a very rough texture, making it look like it was hand made, ie how SteamPunk would be in 1911. 

 (Cat for Scale)

Also, I have reinforced / tightened all joints of the skeletal system of the figure that I built using threaded rod, nuts and washers.  Much more solid joints, no worries of falling over with out extra support.  

Next:  Going to be starting on building the legs, figuring out the feet, completing the arms and getting around to starting the head of this beast. 

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