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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Black Book

This is a small notebook I carry around with me for jotting down ideas, and drawing up different projects:

Here is the sketch and plan for the SteamPunk Iron Man I did last year.  Most projects start with a drawing, and then I go into detail as to a parts list and or different options for the figure.
 Here is a drawing for a Transformers Combiner I am working on creating.  I sketched up a head, and then started to work on some names, still dont know what I am going to call him, when and if I get to finishing him someday.
 Samurai Boba Fett Plans, long in waiting...
 WW2 IG-88:
 SteamPunk Arch Angel's costume details:

 I also have other various sketches such as this sketch of a photo area I built with different pull down back drops:

This is my second volume, I should dig up my first volume notebook and look through that and see what looks interesting enough to share.

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