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Monday, April 16, 2012

SteamPunk Iron Man: One Piece at a time...

I have about 98% completed an arm.  Rivits are all in place.  I have some mechanics to add (gears to the elbows and the hydraulic piston)  The arm is fully textured and when painted will look exactly like hammered copper, with brass accents.  

I am at about 70% complete on the bottom legs.   Legs are complete, just need textured.  Working on his knee pads and starting on his boots.  As you can see right now he has snow ball feet!  getting em prepped for sculpting, and then plastic plating!

These shots show the back of the legs and the work being put into them

 Harvesting Parts:
Here are a few Construction Vehicles (Caterpillar Tractor/Dump Truck) scraps

Here is what I wanted from them.  Looking for the Hydraulic pistons and various gears for this project:

Just for Fun, here is a sketch I did last year for my first version of a SteamPunk Iron Man:

much More to come!

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