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Monday, August 13, 2012

24 INCH SteamPunk Iron Man

With a WHOMPING amount of articulation, 54 points to be exact, this 24 inches tall SteamPunk Iron Man is finally complete!  Featuring a light up chest as well!  Check out all the pics, and find me at FACEBOOK too:

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 Hands are articulated, each hand has 14 points of articulation

 Six Inch SteamPunk Wolverine Figure to show scale: 


  1. As I said over an Fwoosh, this thing is a staggering achievement. Brilliantly engineered and professionally finished. This may be my favorite inanimate object ever! I think you should try your hand at stop-motion with this thing...that way it could also be my favorite animate object ever ;)

  2. This is definitely not my favorite ANIMATE object.