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Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Articulated Darth Malgus and other SITH Lords

Here is a pic of the original figure(courtesy Rebelscum.com):
Please take a moment and compare my modified/repainted Malgus to Hasbro's.  The figure was a great try, and with some added work, I turned him into something much, much better!  Hasbro did a great job bringing this character into toy form, it just needed to be tweaked a bit to bring out its potential. 

Darth Bane:

 Darth Bane was based off this art and statue.  I dont know what comic it might be from, just a very cool looking version of this Sith Lord.

Concept Cyborg Darth Maul:

Super Articulated Darth Nihilus:

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  1. Mr. Kuriscak, I like your Darth Malgus much MUCH better than Hasbro's. They made his thighs all chunky looking at whatnot. Not appealing. The slender look while not compensating the cod piece is a DEFINITE upgrade.