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Sunday, August 12, 2012

SteamPunk Wolverine

In 1915, after the start of World War One, Allied forces in North America were working on a special project, called Weapon X.  The British and the French had a facility located in Northern Canada, working on creating a sort of super soldier, who would be expandable, and a superior weapon in this time of World War, where the weapons technology of the western empire were at a heightened pace. 

Their Methods were not of a respectable nature, and would have been fround upon by the medical and scientific minds at that time.  This facility and its work were of a top secret nature.  Working from Victor Frankenstein’s previous work, this lab was taking the dead, and reanimating them, bringing them back to life, but also giving them the added strength and abilities to turn them into the weapons they were created to be.

One of the super soldiers who was created in this facility, was code named the Wolverine, due to his ferocity and aggression.  He was trained as an assassin and let loose into Germany.  His whereabouts are unknown.

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