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Friday, January 25, 2013

Custom Spiderman vs Venom Set - Marvel Legends Classics

Spiderman & Venom together again!!!  This week I have up for auction Spiderman, who comes with two heads, two lengths of bendable webbing, a Camera, And Magnetic feet!  Spiderman comes with a sculpted Todd Mcfarlane Head and a modern Paola Rivera esc head! 
VENOM has been given super articulation, combining all the good parts from the different venom figures from the Spiderman Classics line.  He also comes with two heads as well!  One, which is indeffinetly 90's! and another that is a custom sculpt I did for fun.  The 90's head (open mouth) comes with a magnetic Tongue and can be posed coming out either side of his mouth! 
The Third part of this auction is the custom Alley Diorama for Spiderman and Venom to battle it out in!  This Alley features a Metal Fence for Spiderman to stick to, a Functional Street light which is also metal for Spiderman to stick to as well!!

 Spidey's Magnetic Feet and light up Street light:
 Magnetic Tongue:

 Everything included:

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