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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 Mecha Super Shredder Stands 7.5 inches tall, Super Posable, and comes with a plethora of Accessories!  Ready to Battle those Turtles!!!  Shredder comes with Two Sets of hands, One clawed and one un-clawed to use with his MECHA SUPER CLAWS(everything about this Shredder is MEGA annnnd SUPER)!  Shredder comes with a Pair of Super Claws that attach to his foreams via Magnets!  Also, Shredder's cape is removeable via Magnets as well.  Also, Shredder comes with 2 Super Mecha Blades, which he can use to battle those Turtles into the ground!  Lastly, Shredder comes with a custom base!
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