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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spiderman Classics Rouges Gallery: Tombstone and Jack O' Lantern



I've been watching Spiderman the Animated series lately, and realized that there are a lot of Spiderman Villians that have yet to be made in the 6 inch Spiderman classics line and or Marvel Legends line, so I decided to give tombstone a good ol Re-hash! I didn't go for the Military Pants and Jack Boots version of him, but more of a updated version in Dark Jeans and Motorcycle boots. I think he looks pretty bad A and tough as nails.  Someone who could carry the name TOMBSTONE quite well...

CLASSIC Jack O' Lantern:

Another figure that needed to be done! A CLASSIC Jack O' Lantern! You have your Classic Hob Goblin, your classic green Goblin, even a great DEMO- GOBLIN, but WHERE is a Classic Jack O' Lantern?

Jack O' Lantern Features MAGNETIC Feet so he can stick to his Flight Disc! His Flight Disc has a Metal Top! Jack O' Lantern's Flight Disc attaches via Ball joint to a Flame Flight Stand as well (great for Displaying!) Figure Also Comes with a Pumpkin Bomb!

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