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Friday, February 3, 2012

ABC War Robot - Judge Dredd

Okay...Im a bit worried, but over all kind of excited. 

I just picked up this kit off ebay and I have to take this:

AND turn it into this:  

Someday I will do it!  or it will just be added to my project list!  Sounds like it will take a month to even get here...gives me time...


  1. HOLY SWEET PURPLE POKA DOTTED JESUS! That movie all be it not a great one, that robot always stuck out in my mind as 1 bad ass robot, that was beautifully designed, painted and executed a viable purpose in the film. Have you done anymore work on this since? or still in the condition it's in now? I would love to buy this if you ever decide to say screw it, or do complete it and sell it as a custom. My name's Mark, I'm on toyark.com under the member name behindthemask, pm me sometime. thanks. and keep up the great site and awesome work!

    1. actually nvm lol, found them on ebay for a decent price actually. may tackle this custom myself.

    2. LOL, yeah, I ordered it off ebay from Overseas. I ordered it over a month ago... have yet to receive it, BUT, I got a notice in the mail yesterday, so I am sure that is it.

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