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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Studio

I thought I would do a walk through tour of my studio space in my basement.  

Welcome to the Studio / Laundry room!  When we purchased this house last year, half of the small unfinished basement had this long room that had a drop ceiling, and I decided to turn it into my workspace for PackRatStudios.  As you can see, I call myself that, because I am indeed a packrat.  This space is jam packed, literally to the rafters!

Lots of Lights. lots of tools, lots of shelves, and about a metric ton of plastic....

 Here is a view from the front of the studio looking back.  I have a desk workspace in the back, and a large standing workspace in the front, great for working on larger project, and where I do casting.
Various items collected through out the years: Rocklords, Inhumanoids Tendrill, and the BlackStar Warlock being some of my favorites

works in progress line a book shelf :
Old sci-fi / horror film posters line a wall
The Bulk of my various collection of action figures against the back wall of the studio

Desk Workspace


 There is a paint station/spray booth behind the computer monitor

more works in progress, this time in bags!  lol, some have been on this pegboard for a while...

I collect various figures from the 80's, 90's and today.  My studio is packed with figures lining every space I have available.  I still need a better system, but for now this will do.  

Some of my Gi Joes that are on display:

 Display case with some super powers, ghost busters and other various figures

 TMNT, Barnyard Commandos and anything else I deem cool enough for my collection...  (ie anything playmates or kenner from my child hood, those are the best)

And, under every nook and cranny in my studio I have storage.   I have plastic bins, plastic storage units and rubbermaids full of parts, figures and various odds and ends....  I think I spend all of my money on plastic...plastic figures, and plastic bins for storage!

Here is just one of my drawer units of Fodder...one Star Wars Clone Troopers and another Gi Joes.....This is another reason why I call myself PackRatStudios...

 That about concludes it!  whew!  after that, I think I need to do some downsizing...

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