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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barnyard Commandos

One of my favorite pieces of my collection are my Barnyard Commandos figures.  As of right now I have all figures of Series 1 and 2, just missing the accessories of Master Sergeant Cornelius Cannonfodder (Lime Green and Brown Ram in the back), which is the rarest of the second series. (just picked him up through ebay)  Pretty funny story, I found a guy selling a lot of Barnyard Commandos with sparse accessories, and low and behold the one figure I needed to complete my collection.  I messaged him and asked if he would setup a buy it now for the one figure, and he said he just had two offers to do the same thing that morning of 10 dollars a piece.  I told him I would do 15!  He agreed and bam, got him!  Good times.  Series two is pretty rare to find, but thanks to Craigslist and some backdoor ebay dealings I was able to secure both Series.

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