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Monday, February 13, 2012

SteamPunk Iron Man: Update

First things first I had to figure out the scale.  I drew up a sketch of my original figure, and then plotted what the proportions were and how the proportions for a 2up version would be.  

I am also keeping a NFL cleatus figure nearby (base for my first SteamPunk IronMan) to use as a detail guide.
Skeletal System:
I started off with a Transformers Unicron as the base, choosing this figure for the tight ratcheting joints.  Since this figure is going to be almost 2 feet tall I want him to be able to stand well, and the Unicron joints will ensure this.  

I am actually going to be tearing apart 2 Unicron figures for this project.  I have already fused two crotches together, to get a wider stance, and I am using lengthened legs that will be shaved down and resculpted, and also another set of legs for the arms.  

As of right now I have the skeletal system of the figure worked out and the chest has been shapped and ready for a layer of epoxy sculpt.  For the chest I took the unicron chest added a length of PVC tube(where the arms will connect), and then layered in in foam board (the pink stuff from Home-depot), then I shaved it down to the shape I wanted.  The foam is going to give the chest some heft, without all the weight.  The epoxy sculpt will give it the strength and the initial base to add more detail to. 

 pretty large compared to the NFL Cleatus figure on the left
As for hands for this monster, I am completely scratch building articulated Hands with Articulated fingers.  Might be using the Unicron fingers as a base, but they will be much larger and bulkier!

Will update soon with more info!

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