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Friday, February 24, 2012

Update: SteamPunk Iron Man

This past week I have been working on building this behemoths Arms and Hands.  I based these hands on the MegaMorph Hulk Hands that I used for my first SteamPunk Iron Man, taking some liberties.  They are fully articulated Hands.  Articulated fingers starting at the knuckle,  and then two times in each finger.  The hands connect to the lower arm tube via a tight ball joint, allowing nice rotation and hinging.

The hands were built with plastic, Lego Bionicle parts (for the ball joints) and existing Unicron fingers, used for the skeleton/joints of each finger.  The hands inner core is built up foam and plastic, giving it strength, but also keeping them light.  

After looking around for suitable hands for this project, I could see that there was nothing that would be big enough and I would have to build them from scratch.  I needed large hands...so I built large hands....  The hands are almost as big as mine, not that that is saying much, do to the fact that I have small hands.  BUT, you can see how big they are in the pic below with the coffee mug.  They still need detailing, and obviously thumbs, but I think they have come out spectacularly, and am pretty proud of them.

 Here is a size reference pic, holding a coffee mug:
 Closed fist:

 Size comparison with MegaMorph Hulk Hand:

I have also done some more work on the torso, I did a layer of bondo on the torso to fill in any gaps before I do a layer of epoxy.  I have also drawn out where the chest cavity will be for the furnace.  Once I get a layer of epoxy on, I will then ad layers of plastic for details. 

As always, stay tuned for more updates on this BEAST!

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